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The story is about Bookwalker, once a useless bum, now turned zombie killer and raider hunter. The story is set in CrittersVille where there is a nuclear meltdown and the dead are coming back to live and you have raiders roaming the lands and kidnapping local women. Bookwalker comes across a bunch of raiders who are bullying a girl and he sets out to save her and her little friend from the clutches of the raiders and zombies.


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Belgium 2020  PAL Region Free

Directed by Rob Ceus

Cast: Sébastien Godin, Alex Welsey, Manoush, Allard Geerlings, Tom Dedobbelaere, Véronique Segehers.

80 min.

Language: English

Subtuitles: Dutch, English

Extras: Behind the scenes, Short Bride Zombie, Bloopers, Test Shots, Cameos, Trailers & Slideshow

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