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Daniele zinelli, born in 1983 and a film enthusiast from childhood, he lives in San Polo di Torrile, a village in the province of Parma.
Daniele started with his first film "Family Tradition" in 2012. In 2014 followed „1989: Last Hero“. In 2018 the films „Timelapse“ (never finished) and „Es“ followed. In 2019 the award-winning film „good man“ was shot. Daniele is currently working on his first Feature film.He is one of the most professional filmmakers of the black lava family and we can look with curiosity what he will show us in the future Sometimes fear comes slowly at night and sometimes it comes unexpectedly like a hard blow to your face. Life is an exam. Today is the day of your decision! Maybe even to save the world. But don't hope for gods or heroes. You're alone. It's your turn. But be careful, fear is a bad advisor ...

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Four nightmares dreamed by Daniele Zinelli.
- 1989: Last Hero
- Family Tradition
- ES
- Good Man
All Movies with German & English Subtitles
Special Features:
- Introducing Daniele Zinelli
- 4 Nightmares Trailer
- ES Trailer
- Good Man Trailer
Language: Italian
60min total, UNCUT
Code Free, PAL
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