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Psychotics, a prostitute who collects sperm, a sexual plague, hitchhiking, erotic fantasies of an Alien, surgery on the living dead, dogmen, dreams of models, pain and perversion.

12 short-films with a total runtime of 132 min.

Important notes from the Sadique-Master, maker of this DVD.

For a reason that can’t be identified and following a strangely sadistic « bug », 'My Fashion Nightmare' which is among the compilation is not readable with all the reading methods.

If you watch the short films with the option « watch all », the 11th short is normally displayed. However, if you click on the corresponding thumbnail in the selection menu, you will come back to « Leurre », which is initially the first short film of the DVD. To still be able to view it via the main menu of choices, simply force the selection of the
title 11 on your pc or via your remote control. 


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1. Leurre (2014-Pierre Reynard) 3 min.   FR AUDIO/ ENG SUBS

Reflection on morbid passion and creation.

2. Wicked Sway (2014-Chris Power) 6 min.   ENG AUDIO/FR SUBS

Wicked Sway chronicles the dark exploration of a wounded writer and his wife.

3. Apologie de la Violence (2011-Alex & Niko) 6 min.   FR AUDIO

Retrospective in childhood as a matrix of nurturing violence.

4. Sous-France (2015-Alex & Niko) 7 min.   FR AUDIO

A young girl's birthday disrupted by the turn of an over-watered family meal and a few unwelcome revelations.

5. Born from Pain (2007-Alex & Niko) 32 min.   FR AUDIO/ ENG SUBS

Monica, a prostitute haunted by the memory of her family's massacre, collects her clients' semen in order to be inseminated.

6. Night of the Living Sluts (2018-Mathieu Morel) 9 min.   ENG AUDIO/ FR SUBS

Obey the curfew and pay attention to sanitary rules.

7. Dare Divas (2018-Kasper Juhl) 27 min.   DAN AUDIO/ ENG SUBS

Two young women start a Youtube show where they go on an adventure without means of communication or money.

8. Lovesick (2018-Cassandra Sechler) 8 min.   NO DIALOGUE

Enter the fantasy of an alien dreaming of having sex as a human.

9. Auopssessed (2018-Emil Johansson) 8 min.   ENG AUDIO/ FR SUBS

A woman tries to find out what is wrong with her insides.

10. Man Dog Man (2017-Jax McMullin Condo) 12 min.   ENG AUDIO / FR SUBS

A lonely man over the loss of his beloved dog tries to recreate the relationship with a new pet of a different nature.

11. My Fashion Nightmare (2018-Nikita Kvasnikov) 7 min.   FR AUDIO/ ENG SUBS

Several young models are living the same story.

12. Erotic Fantasy (2011-Marian Dora) 7 min.   NO DIALOGUE

Journey of ecstatic anatomy through pain and perversion.


Editor: Sadique-Master

Producer: Tinam Bordage

DVD Concept: DjpKnox

Graphics: Boris Vald

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