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Film distribution all over the world

Zeno Pictures is a company located in Tongerlo, that specializes in film distribution in Tongerlo of films from all over the world. We are deeply engaged with various film festivals, and we maintain personal relationships with directors, producers and sales companies. Therefore, Zeno Pictures has managed to build a unique catalog of cult films, good quality horror films and excellent art house films and world cinema. Zeno Pictures manages the complete distribution of both international and Belgian films!

Film rights

As a cult label, Zeno Pictures buys film rights from directors, producers and sales companies from around the world, based on a thorough selection and screening. We are also present at markets, festivals and conventions in numerous countries. Furthermore, Zeno Pictures is acting as sales agent of Belgian and Dutch productions. In this way, high quality films from the Benelux can be enjoyed anywhere on the planet. This also works the other way around, as many good international cult films had (and have) never been released in the Benelux. Our goal is to let Zeno Pictures become the ultimate homegrown cult label!

Releasing films

In addition to television rights and the physical release of films on DVD and Blu-ray, Zeno Pictures is working with the latest channels and digital platforms (both sale and rental). Examples include Video on Demand, Netflix and iTunes. We also work with various specialized partners. Zeno Pictures is always striving to introduce as many people as possible to a qualitative range of excellent films.

Interested in the films we offer or curious about our film distribution? Please take a look in our web shop! Also keep an eye on our website for the latest news and feel free to contact Zeno Pictures. Enjoy watching our films!

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