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A building contractor and his spouse are driven apart by financial worries. Tony is an energetic personality well on in his 30s, presuming upon having everything under control. He's married to Nora, and they have two kids. Tony frequents tough assertiveness training sessions, owing to which he boosts up his self-confidence and considers himself to be the never-failing businessman and the perfect husband. As a result of his excessive investments and his haughty attitude, his company gets under a heavy cloud. When bankruptcy has become inevitable, his problems also affect family life. He starts taking his problems out on his wife who seems to be able to cope with the new situation more easily. She makes him see how vulnerable he really is. 

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Director: Rob Van Eyck

Cast: Vic Moeremans, Nel Rosiers, Dora van der Groen, Kurt Van Eeghem

Belgium 1985 74 min.

PAL Region Free

Language: Dutch

No Subtitles

Screenformat: 1.66:1 - Videotransfer to DVD

Audio: Mono

Extras: Short Film 'Berncastel' with Wendy Van Wanten 9 min.

Artwork Created by Chriskepolis.

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