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The Last Tunnel is inspired by a true crime story, which people in Montreal remember as the "heist of the century". Marcel Talon, the main perpetrator, served a twenty five year prison term. He is still alive, against all the odds... Marcel Talon is haunted by his demons every day. He knows that he will never be entirely free as he is a repeat offender, in society's eyes. Marcel occasionally dreams about the 200 million dollars that were waiting for him in the vault of an old Montreal Bank... This is the story of a man who decides to organize a spectacular bank robbery with four accomplices, as his revenge against a cruel society that robbed him of his childhood and all his dreams. Marcel's plan - a tunnel dug through Montreal's sewers. To pull off the job, Marcel recruits his old friend and accomplice Fred "the engineer" Giguère, Smiley the moneylender, Turcotte the ambulance man, who is also a crack driver, plus Vincent Savard a hot-headed, violent thug, brought in by Smiley. The tunnel soon becomes a place of confinement and the team, determined at all costs not to get caught, find themselves in a place more oppressive than any of the worst prisons that Talon and Fred have ever known. But as horrible as the tunnel itself may be, what awaits them at the end is...Pure Hell.


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Director: Erik Canuel

Cast: Michel Coté, Jean Lapointe


aka Le Dernier Tunnel

Canada 2004 109 min.

PAL Region 2

Language: French Canadian

Subtitles: Dutch

Screenformat: 16/9

Audio: 5.1

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