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Rodney Ascher ... (segment "Q is for Questionnaire")
Julian Barratt ... (segment "B is for Badger")
Robert Boocheck ... (segment "M is for Masticate")
Alejandro Brugués ... (segment "E is for Equilibrium")
Kristina Buozyte ... (segment "K is for Knell")
Alexandre Bustillo ... (segment "X is for Xylophone")
Larry Fessenden ... (segment "N is for Nexus")
Julian Gilbey ... (segment "C is for Capital Punishment")
Jim Hosking ... (segment "G is for Grandad")
Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen ... (segment "L is for Legacy")
E.L. Katz ... (segment "A is for Amateur")
Aharon Keshales ... (segment "F is for Falling")
Steven Kostanski ... (segment "W is for Wish")
Marvin Kren ... (segment "R is for Roulette")
Juan Martínez Moreno ... (segment "S is for Split")
Erik Matti ... (segment "I is for Invincible")
Julien Maury ... (segment "X is for Xylophone")
Robert Morgan ... (segment "D is for Deloused")
Chris Nash ... (segment "Z is for Zygote")
Vincenzo Natali ... (segment "U is for Utopia")
Hajime Ohata ... (segment "O is for Ochlocracy")
Navot Papushado ... (segment "F is for Falling")
Bill Plympton ... (segment "H is for Head Games")
Dennison Ramalho ... (segment "J is for Jesus")
Todd Rohal ... (segment "P is for P-P-P-P Scary!")
Jerome Sable ... (segment "V is for Vacation")
Bruno Samper ... (segment "K is for Knell")
Jen Soska ... (segment "T is for Torture Porn")
Sylvia Soska ... (segment "T is for Torture porn")
Sôichi Umezawa ... (segment "Y is for Youth")


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USA | New Zealand | Canada | Israel | Japan 2014 117min.

PAL Region 2

Languages depending on the short: English | Japanese | Hebrew | Portuguese | French | Arabic | Filipino | German

Subtitles: Dutch

Screenformat: Widescreen 16/9

Audio: 5.1 DD


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