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In HI8 we follow Steven, a film student who intends to create the goriest horror movie of all time, his graduation film. The only problem is the lack of money. Even his lecturer does not support his plans. He claims the horror movie to be a inacceptable medium and does not honor any artist. Steven is aware that it is difficult to distribute genre movies in Germany but hope dies last. A mysterious website discovered by one of his friends raises hope. A single line framed by flames appears on the screen: 'God's messengers fall into hellfire, the angels' Stephen is not bothered by this phrase for he is more interested in the text's content. His eyes are fixed on the words 'filming', 'money', 'prompt cash'. Clicking the 'Send'-button unleashes an experience which affects his mind, flesh and bones. He will literary witness hell on earth.

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DVD Includes:
-Main Movie (FULL UNCUT) with ENGLISH SUBTITLES  75 min. 16:9
-Teaser #1
-Teaser #2

Bonus Movies:
-Fütterung der Raubtiere
-Raum der Ausschweifung
-Tote reden nicht

Bonus Disc with the complete Soundtrack (~80min Music)



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