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Andrés and Ana, an urban couple who live in Madrid, leave their apartment to spend a day of pleasure in the city with their dog. They end up accepting the invitation of two strangers, Bruno and Berta, to go to eat at their country house. A storm surprises them and they have to stay overnight together. The two couples start a session with an Ouija board. Conflicting past situations arise, such as Ana's affair with Andrés's brother or a suicide attempt by Bruno, who receives criticism from Berta. This will be the beginning of the horrors that will take place in the haunted house.

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Production Year : 1978

Spain  PAL Region 2

79 min.   Stereo

Director: Carlos Puerto

Cast: Mariana Karr, José Maria Guillén, Sandra Alberti, Angel Aranda

Languages: Spanish, English

Subtitles: French

Extras:  Escalofrio - Erotism & Satanism in Madrid by David Didelot, The House of Darkness (shortfilm by Jonathan Faugeras), Photogallery, Trailers, 32-page booklet and poster.

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