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For many decades Belgium's political and ideological agenda has been governed by the same families, few in number, rich in influence. At a secret meeting the families' obscure Organization orders a fixer, Nihoul, to destabilize the country. With the help of the cold psychopath Dutroux, he is successful. While Dutroux focuses on kidnappings, rape and gruesome murders with his sidekick Weinstein; Nihoul uses blackmail and corruption to silence political leaders, captains of industry, magistrates, even the clergy. Blue Belgium, a never-ending story...

Director: Rob Van Eyck

Cast: Paul Cassiers, Saartje Vandendriessche, Nathalie-Jane Krits, Marq Rawls, Jacques Verbist


Belgium 2000

PAL Region Free

Language: English

Subtitles: Dutch

Screenformat: 1.66:1 - 4:3 compatible

Audio: Mono

Artwork Created by Chriskepolis.

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